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Security Feature

HIPAA Compliance

The SafeAccessMD application exceeds standards set by HIPAA on security and encryption while providing your practice with a framework for efficient HIPAA Compliant data accessibility and messaging.

Security Feature


All servers are encrypted with a 256-bit SSL Certificate and housed in state of the art data centers. Redundancy measures ensure 99.9% uptime for application use and verification requests.

Administration Feature


Create unlimited patient entries with customizable data fields including: home/cell/work contact numbers, date of birth, gender, email address, street address, city, state and zipcode. Each patient entry also supports photo ID image upload and PDF document storage.

Administration Feature


Each SafeAccessMD account provides support for one physician. The doctor's medical license must be verified by SafeAccessMD before service can begin. Support for additional doctors can be added for $25/month.

Administration Feature


Each Premium SafeAccessMD account provides support for one location. Additional locations can be added for $99/month. For each location: set operating hours and appointment availability; customize appointment intervals; allow or disable double booking; customize default, online and discount pricing; and enable or disable public listing.

Administration Feature

Custom user accounts

SafeAccessMD provides customized user accounts for HIPPA compliant access. Accessibility can be customized independently for each user account and can limit access to any combination of the following features: locations, doctors, appointments, patients, verifications, reports, admin tools and user accounts.

Administration Feature


A Premium SafeAccessMD account gives access to a broad array of reporting features. Custom reports can be generated for both completed and scheduled appointments. Customize and sort by more than 15 data points including service types, appointment status, appointment type, patient data, scheduling data, location, doctor and appointment source.

Verification Feature

Phone and Web Verification

All accounts provide unlimited verification requests via automated phone or web. Our phone verification system is unrivaled in quality, security, and reliability. To verify online, embed the SafeAccessMD customizable verification widget in your own website or direct verifications requests to For security, all verification requests are logged and originating phone numbers and IP addresses are stored. This data is accessible via the admin panel.

Verification Feature

Embeddable Verification Widget

All accounts have access to the SafeAccessMD customizable and embeddable verification widget. This widget can be easily inserted into any web page or online profile that accepts pasted HTML code. It allows you to provide direct access to verification services on your web site or online profiles.

Verification Feature

Customizable Letters of Recommendation

Customize your patient letter of recommendations with your name and logo. Templates are provided for patient and caregiver letters and include photo ID imprint. All recommendation letters are saved in patient profiles for future access and reprints.

Verification Feature

Custom Verification Number

Premium SafeAccessMD accounts have the option of requesting a custom and unique verification phone number.

Verification Feature

Verisafe Emergency Transfer

If a law enforcement officer is unable to verify a patient, or would prefer to speak with a live person SafeAccessMD VeriSafe is able to forward the request to a live emergency contact 24/7. This fail-safe keeps patients who are in good legal standing out of jail.

EMR Feature

Electronic patient intake form

Streamline your practice by implementing SafeAcccessMD's electronic patient intake form. We have created a custom questionaire that addresses all areas of a patients medical history that may pertain to their treatment. When a patient schedules an appointment online or through your office they can complete their intake form electronically prior to arriving. The system automatically generates a PDF and saves in the documents folder for anytime access. This revolutionary product is widgetized as an add-on to the online scheduling application.

EMR Feature

Document Upload & Storage

All letters of recommendation are saved in the patients profile for easy access and reprints. Additional PDF documents can be uploaded to patient profiles via the admin panel. Uploaded documents can be locked to prevent editing or deletion.

EMR Feature

Internal Messaging System

Using email to transmit information containing patient medical data is not a HIPAA compliant practice. Premium accounts have access to a secure and HIPAA compliant internal messaging system for easy communication between call center employees, office staff and physicians.

EMR Feature

SOAP / Progress Notes

Doctors can generate digitally signed and locked SOAP notes and add progress notes to patient profiles. All documents can be optionally locked to prevent editing or deletion.

Scheduling Feature

Online Scheduling Widget

Offer patients real-time online scheduling with the SafeAccessMD scheduling widget. Customize the widget in your admin panel and easily insert into any web page or online profile that accepts pasted HTML code. The scheduling widget provides a user friendly interface for patients to select a location, schedule an available appointment time, and confirm the appointment via phone or text.

Scheduling Feature

Appointment Management

Appointment management is the cornerstone of our premium account. The following features will improve patient flow and appointment success rates.

- Manage daily operating hours and appointment availability
- Toggle appointment intervals between 5,10,15,30, or 60 minutes
- Allow double booking of appointments
- Track patient status by approved, declined, denied, no-show, or no action.
- Monitor appointment show rates
- Record and store patient data, ID card image, recommendation letters and documents

Scheduling Feature

Customizable Service Types

Create customized service type categories for patient management. Ideal for a variety of healthcare verticals including acupuncture, medical weight loss and pain management.

Scheduling Feature

Auto Remind for Appointments

Auto Remind is a simple, low cost tool to get more patients to show up to their appointments. When scheduling an appointment your call center rep simply asks if they would like to receive a text message reminder. The patient will receive an email confirmation the day the appointment is scheduled with address and map links to your office. Auto Remind will then send a reminder email in addition to an SMS message or automated voice call. Patients can cancel or confirm their appointments via auto voice, SMS, or on the web. Cost is 3.5 cents per SMS message or per auto voice call.

Scheduling Feature

Auto Remind for Renewals

Customize options for automated renewal reminders via voice, SMS or email. A robust reminder system will enable you to better retain approved patients who are due for renewal.

State Feature

State Specific Support

SafeAccessMD is available to practices in all legal medical marijuana states. Your account will follow the medical cannabis procedures of your state of operation.

State specific medical cannabis registration or application forms are auto completed and available for PDF download upon each approved patient evaluation.